Update: Capsule 0-U Portneuf – Capsule # 00-A Les Matte Knowns

New capsules: Capsule # 4-16 Nicolas son of Nicolas – Capsule 4-17 Magdeleine daughter of Nicolas – Capsule # 4-18 Louis son of Nicolas.


New Summer 2020 newspaper edition l’infor “MATTE” ur.

New Capsules: Capsule # 4-7 M.Francoise РCapsule # 4-8 M.Madeleine РCapsule # 4-9 1st M. Th̩r̬se РCapsule # 4-10 2nd M.Th̩r̬se РCapsule # 4-11 M. Clair РCapsule # 4-12 M. Anne РCapsule # 4-13 F. Xavier РCapsule # 4-14 J. Fran̤ois РCapsule # 4-15 Rose РCapsule # 0-V St-Basile.


New Capsules: Capsule # 4-6 M. Joseph – Capsule 4-5 Geneviève – Capsule # 4-4 J. Baptiste – Capsule # 4-3 Laurent – Capsule # 4-2 Françoise – Capsule # 4-1 Élisabeth – Capsule 0 -U Portneuf

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The MATTE Association of America offers the opportunity to learn more about its name (surname), to be proud of it, to know its origins and history, that of its ancestors and those of its descendant

In addition, she offers fraternity meetings between MATTE

The goals and objectives of the MATTE Association of America are :

Establish brotherhood links between MATTE

Pay homage to our ancestors.

To make known OUR history and the genealogy of MATTE.

The President’s words

Hello and welcome to the website of the Matte D’Amérique Association.Whether you are looking for your ancestors, wanting to establish your family tree, or history lover, this site has the ambition to meet your expectations. As a member of the family or descendant, your help is precious to complete the genealogy and history of the different branches of the family.

In addition, members of the Association are regularly invited to meetings and activities.

By becoming a member you contribute to the pursuit of our goals. Let us be sure to perpetuate the legacy of our ancestors.

Claude Matte, President

If you encounter underlined words, this indicates that a link exists allowing you to find other information. Item in bold are recent releases

Descendants of Alexis on April 15 # 3-7 to # 3-21 on April 30 # 3-22 to # 3-28

The acronym stands for how the family navigates through time and generations. Since the name Matte has French roots, the logo is a graphic representation of the ship that transported our ancestors Nicolas and Madeleine. Surrounded by (blue circle) other people, we proudly display (top ribbon) our name, in order to honor the tradition, heritage and family tree of the Matte family. This one is sailing towards the future. Navigating on (wave) time, we are ready to face the future.The acronym

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