History Capsules (members)

The small triangles that follow one capsule indicate that other capsules are linked to it.

A. The first ancestors

covers the history of our ancestors in France (capsule -1), the first generation of Matte (capsule 1 to 1-B), the second generation (capsule 2-1 (the 1st child) to 2-11 (the 11st child)) in the Quebec region, more precisely Dombourg today called Neuville. The third generation (capsule 3-1 (the 1 st child) to 3-31 (the 31 st child)). Then the other generations will follow.

B. Places of memory

deal with places where Mattes have lived or are buried (capsules 00 to 0-?).

C. The branches of today

will cover the history of the local ramifications of the family after the first eight generations (capsule 9-1 to 9 -?)

D. Known Matte

trace the family members who are best known in history (capsule 00-A). If you know of any other MATTE, send us a message so we can add it.

E. The facts and curiosities

tells the anecdotes and legends related to Matte. (capsule 0-A)