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The Board

The members of the board of directors 2016-2017 of the Association.
From left to right: 
Jacques Matte (treasurer), Murielle Chabot-Matte (director of activities), Rolland Matte (director) et Claude Matte (presidentt).

Matte Association of America
224, rue Dupont, Pont-Rouge (Québec), Canada
G3H 1P1

Board of directors :

President : Claude Matte
516, Route 138, Cap-Santé

G0A 1L0

Treasurer : Jacques Matte
224, rue Dupont, Pont-Rouge G3H 1P1

Administrator : Rolland Matte
950, Ch. Lac Écho, Prévost   J0R1T0

Director of Activities : Murielle Chabot-Matte 3A
224, rue Dupont, Pont-Rouge G3H 1P1

Subscription “’Matte Association of America”   CANADA / U.S.A.

Regular member (mail) 20$
Regular member in couple* (mail) 30$
Regular member (web site) 21$
Regular member in couple* (web site) 31$
*Same address
The contribution of the members are renewable any time and valid for a duration from one year to the date of contribution.

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