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Welcome on website

The MATTE Association of America provides the opportunity to learn about the family name, to be proud of it, to know the origins and history of its ancestors and descendants.

In addition, it proposes meetings between the MATTES throughout Canada and the US.

The goals and objectives of the Association of the MATTE of America families are as follows:

  • Establish ties of fraternity between the MATTE

  • A tribute to our ancestors

  • Awareness of the history and genealogy of the MATTE

The President's Word

Hello and Welcome to the Website of the Matte Association of America

For the regulars, you surely realized that this one had problems. We are working to correct these, with a lot of research, we will eventually find.

It is sure that we publish less, but do not worry the new capsules are in production and more than 12 capsules already published, with update, are ready to be published.

Avoid the renewal section, we will warn you if everything is corrected.
The facebook site partly replaces the site. In the meantime, share it with other MATTEs.
Counting on your patience and sometimes mine too.

Claude Matte, President.

Whether you are looking for your ancestors, wishing to establish your genealogical tree or simply interested in history, this site has the ambition to respond to your expectations.  As a member of the family or descendant, your help is precious to complete the genealogy and history of the various branches of the family.

Also the members of the Association are invited regularly to gatherings and activities.

By becoming member you contribute to the pursuit of our objectives.  Let us all make sure we perpetuate the heritage of our ancestors.


The Logo

The acronym represents how the family navigate through time and generations. Since the Matte name has French roots, the logo is a graphical representation of the ship that brought our ancestors Nicholas and Madeleine. Surrounded (blue circle) other people, we wear (the top ribbon) proudly our name, honoring tradition, heritage and family tree of the Matte family.  It sailing toward the future. Flight on time (wave), we are ready to face the future.

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